The Record

  • Steph R Ward

We are a team of young filmmakers based in Scotland. Our film ‘The Record’ is an experimental drama with very specific aims: to address the over-curation of the original 1977 Golden Record and to find discomfort in familiar circumstances. The set of 115 images was released into space on two golden records held in the Voyagers 1 and 2. On these records were the curation of images and sounds which portraying the “diversity of life and culture” on earth. Yet, as we reflect on this stellar time capsule 43 years after its departure into space, we do not feel a sense of “preservation” or “familiarity” but in fact find a time capsule that leaves us with raised eyebrows. We want to make a film that distills these sensations and allows us to feel this discomfort within familiar circumstances, and to realise the irony of curating a presentation of our earth that is sensational and untrue. We intend to produce this comprehensive experimental drama to last approximately 10 minutes. We aim to distribute the film via cinema format and as an immersive installation.

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