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  • Peter McLaughlin

Nando’s Feast Your Eyes festival is an annual event that celebrates South African culture and Art. For this year’s edition the restaurant chain commissioned a series of documentaries that gave an insight into the work, motivation and inspiration to a selection of Artists across South Africa. I lead the post-post production for 3 of these documentaries from stitching, editing and through to grading.

Using a combination of Software packages including Mistika VR, Mocha VR, Adobe After Effects and Premiere I was able to deliver these docs to the highest standard whilst creating a compelling story.

What I offered to the production:

Production companies and agencies need skilled post-production professionals that are able to come in and deliver on time and to a high standard and with 360 video that can be tricky as the workflow differs from traditional post-production as there is the the process of stitching the content and then understanding how to edit it without nauseating the viewer. With these 3 documentaries I reviewed, noted and consulted the producer on the best approach to the project at hand and what I was doing at every step so they understood the workflow and were able to inform their client on the progress of the production.
The films can now be viewed on Nando’s UK YouTube Channel and on their official website where you can gain more information about the artist’s and their practice.


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