Native Meetups

  • Hattie Wynter

Native Meetups - a free quarterly event open to those who wish to learn production in a supportive environment.

Native Meetups is a quarterly event series, taking place in London, Manchester and Portsmouth.
Focussing on elevating music-makers, the events give people a chance to collaborate with like-minded people, learn from top tutors and users, and get hands-on with the latest kit. They take place in established music schools and are lead by expert tutors, users and artists. There are free ticketing options as well as opportunities to add tailored 1-2-1s, merchandise and software to your ticket.
A personal long term goal of mine at Native Instruments has been to create touch-points for those with little to no exposure to music production hardware, and diversify all aspects of our events, from those in audience, to those on the stage.