New Decade, New Hustle

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  • Alyssa Sorensen
  • Val Blondel

MatchaBar is the world’s first matcha-based energy drink and the fastest-growing brand in natural energy. They’re all about self-expression and positive energy, with a soul rooted in music and community. After a successful launch, it was time for MatchaBar to evolve to reach the masses; they tasked us with rebranding their Hustle line to disrupt the category and take matcha mainstream. We made their brand world look as upbeat as their energy range makes drinkers feel, allowing them to slide into a new decade with a fresh new Hustle. Digging into what makes the “MatchaFam” tick, we landed on the visual language and inclusive culture of funk music. The free-flowing spirit of funk was already alive across the brand’s communications; now it was time to turn it up to 11. What followed was a complete refresh of the brand’s assets. Our funk train rolled through wordmark and typography, tone of voice and colour palette bringing more flair, punch and positivity to the MatchaBar brand world. Not content to stop there, we teamed up with illustrator Val Blondel to create the Hustlers: a cast of illustrated characters that capture the nonchalantly funky nature of the brand and act as spokespersons (or, more accurately, spokescreatures) for the drinks themselves.


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