Nike+ Kinect Training

  • James Chorley
  • Alex Wills
  • Liam Hughes

Choose a personal trainer, take your assessment and get a personalised fitness program with real-time feedback. Train with friends and earn NikeFuel. Nike+ Kinect Training redefines personal fitness at home, offering the same training techniques provided to elite Nike athletes.

"A workout buddy is actually a fantastic motivator, & with this, your buddy can be on the other side of the planet" - Gizmondo
"Nike+ Kinect Training is as good as a real trainer & costs less than a 1 hour session" - Chris Anderson, Former Editor-in-chief, Wired Magazine
"Nike+'s sleek and very intuitive user interface.. made other fitness-driven games feel positively amateurish" - Men's Health
Nike+ Kinect Training has already been labelled “the best exercise game yet” by Fast Company, while ESPN said it was “more immersive than any other fitness game”. Nike+ Kinect Training has redefined the home training experience and has given everyone the chance to reach their fitness potential.