Nostalgic Narratives

  • Freya Louella Tubb

Narrative illustrations bringing positivity and optimism into the world at a time of such uncertainty. My inspiration for these comes from memories and dreams, weaving my feelings and emotions into the scenes by the attention to detail, use of colour, motifs and textures. Living through lockdown I felt its been important for my mental health to reflect and relive memories where I felt euphoric but also affirming and manifesting my dreams for the future. On the contrary I have also documented my lockdown space and memories, learning to appreciate the beauty and love in the mundane. This has allowed me to practise gratitude in a hard time. When my emotions run high I choose memories that I know I’ll feel in my heart to provoke tears, since loosing my Mum when I was 17 I find it hard to cry and instead it comes out in moodiness or anger so I use art as a tool to release these blocked emotions. This project has developed into a journal somewhat, it is very personal and raw which has meant that it’s full of life. Each one comes with its own story hence the name…’Nostalgic Narratives’.