Nowness #untaggable

  • martin roker

As part of the Nowness #Untaggable series with Audi, mixed media artists and music video auteurs Shynola explored the personal nature of music.

Their film for Nowness, set to the track from Warp Producer Mark Pritchard and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, sees two dancers performing their own interpretation of the same choreography over 100 miles apart.
The intricacy of the split screen/merge format is stunning, and a feat that could have only been conceived and actualised by Shynola.
Of the project, Shynola’s Richard Kenworthy said: “We filmed two fantastic dancers over one hundred miles apart and on separate days, then brought their performances together through meticulous editing. The natural way their movement merges veils the complexity of how it was made.
“The film explores how we are attracted to and respond to music; how music can mean different, personal things to very different people separated by time and space, but also how the same piece of music can unify them.”


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