October Product Update: Get credit, discover project teams & join our Beta Club

  • Daniel Harvey
  • Paul Werelds
  • Michal Palys-Dudek
  • Gosia Pałys-Dudek
  • Hugh Waldren
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Matteo Belfiore
  • Brendan McKnight

Here’s what the team have been chipping away at this month...

Find out how our updates will help you grow your profile and get discovered on The Dots, and don’t miss your special invitation to meet the team and share ideas at our open studio events!

We believe everybody should be credited for their creativity

Our new credit feature allows you to search for projects you’ve worked on that are already on The Dots, and credit yourself in them - et voila!
The project will then appear on your profile, the love is shared and you’re more likely to get discovered by potential collaborators, clients and employers.
This is also a fantastic way to be discovered by potential collaborators, clients and employers. Search for projects that you’ve worked on and credit yourself here.

Get inspired by creative teams that are acing it

Our Today page is updated daily with a stand-out project and the creative team behind it - making it super easy to see fruits of collaboration and to get inspired.
What’s more, the ‘follow all’ button lets you connect with the whole team instantaneously so you can reach out and stay up to date with their top-notch projects.

Want to have a say on our next updates? Join our new Beta Club!

Fancy sharing ideas to help shape the future of The Dots? Be the first to check out our new features?
Well, we’d love to hear from you! What’s more, you’ll gain access to our open studio events.
You can be a part of our Beta Club from anywhere in the world!
To get involved, email beta.club@the-dots.com