On Nature: Recording Creating and Being 2020

  • Rory Brooke

The Fourth Annual Humanities Undergraduate Conference, hosted by HumSoc and the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee took place on the 14th of March 2020. It was open to undergraduate speakers from any institution to prepare a 30 minute presentation on a topic of their choosing under the given theme. In addition we started with a keynote speech from Dr Harriet Tarlo, an eco-critical poet at Sheffield Hallam. Our final panel consisted of our keynote, a fourth year student and a staff member at the University of Dundee. I had a year, as Vice-President and Conference Coordinator in HumSoc, to plan, prepare and execute the conference under my own decided theme 'On Nature: Recording Creating and Being. Myself, with he assistance of the rest of the HumSoc committee, arranged the space, catering and funding for the day's events. We had 15 applications for the 9 spaces we were able to provide for our undergraduate speakers, the final decision was mine with the advice of the committee. The conference was under the possibility of cancellation in light of the impending growth of COVID-19 in Scotland. As such it was necessary to remain in contact with both the School of Humanities and the Students Association in accordance with our own event running in a time of national crisis. The event went ahead under the absolute vigilance of our volunteer hosts and our guests regularly remaining hygenic and remaining vigilant. https://www.facebook.com/pg/DundeeHumSoc/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2693590197435588&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAQT1MTcMdymVNYqRN8mMmfqq_YZWS4IJ05vaQ1xC4N07u2YwMjg_1Pp2q6V35XJ0-0pchTOmwNyNamSqfeDYzIIudC8l0pruFrnwl9A0iBaG1hhX-T-8xLfQsSpyYt2GCy_dnPyjjecKHb9d-UoAOaNCny0CeZYKo9Rh3BssGWpu2Ghfh6oaeqzprPEGGkvIiUsQB4NlbyfGiKOBtnFAfaXG_dAHr6Le_hMwm1sljh6yC7Z8pybvQ4wsWHh21iyYdDnjNpY4STKiG7Ho3-44Gn_pbbvm0ZXpOUR_AMHBeArGv5pN8Yk044GdUrNHw3u5idEdUqWFixsRUx49v9g72T9MVxV_QY5zxpCtmoEP7uZIxtvK8hNn9vdb8wIHc0huknazJG-XPjipA8nWqHuh9uciR7SxbA3tnnS7EdYY8sQo5rneans02FSUw3dlFZlZf2gi_pd5woxaMdgNfZ&__tn__=-UC-R

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