One as a hundred (2016)

MA Printmaking project at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.
The aim of the project is to explore the concept of identity and the self: this has been done by analizyng the events and cultural background that contribuited to the shaping of who I am today, the stereotypes that others addressed me and the categories they put me into, while trying to describe me, as well as the ones I tried to fit in, in the ongoing process of self discovery. The tool used to investigate this topic has been the photobooth picture, as a form of “self portrait” in which the camera settings can’t be changed and the only variable has been my appearence (the way I decided to dress, the makeup, my hair...) just like it would happen in everyday life. I chose the photobooth picture also because it is used in documents and forms of identification so it appeared to be able to give credibility to these identities, fictional or real, distancing the work from the “selfie-era” we are in.
I then scanned the photobooth pictures and printed them using photopolymer etching.


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    Anglia Ruskin University