One Love In Many Ways - Solomon

  • Sesilla Perkone

“One Love In Many Ways” represents the love and passion that each dancer has for their genre of dance. Solomon started off as a krumper but is now moving into his own genre of dance which he has called ‘Floetry’. However in this video you can see some krump moves alongside popping and locking. Krump is an acronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. It is a dance form that was pioneered by Tight Eyez aka Ceasare Willis and Lil C. It is an aggressive, and spiritual form of dance with Christian roots. Its movements include Chest Pops, Stomps, Armswings, Syncs, Puzzles, Bangs, and Kill-Offs. While some (clowns) mistakenly claim that Tommy the Clown created krumping this is not the case. How long have you been dancing for? I’ve been dancing from a very young age. Speaking about it now, it feels like I’ve been dancing forever. I’ve always been moving and enjoying that feeling when I truly connect with a song, whether it be the lyrics, the melody etc. What got you into dancing? Dancing was something I did because I felt I needed to. There were certain things I couldn’t always express in words, however I could express them through movement. I find dance allows me to have conversations with myself (however weird that may sound) . I never truly know how I’m really feeling until I start moving. Which genre of dance do you place yourself into? I like Krump. I’d like to create my own dance style though… I’ll call it Floetry. It has no specific correlation with the music group but I love their work too… Has dance changed the way you see things? Dance has revolutionised my entire way in thinking. Words are not enough anymore. Not when I can articulate myself through the use of my body. We’re constantly flowing. What dancers inspire you? Konkrete (Jr Tight Eyez), Tight Eyez, Ruin, Fik-Shun, Dytto and the Martian. Do have any words for the young dancers out there Keep on flowing. Keep on going. Keep on growing. Why do you love to dance? Movement is therapeutic. There’s so much research on it. I love to dance because it’s universal. It’s a language spoken and understood by anyone. It’s movement at the end of the day and we all move or have moved right? Do you take any other styles of dance or not? If not, would you like to try any other style? I don’t really take many classes. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, I’m pretty self-taught. I would like to start exploring ballroom and tap soon! What keeps you from not quitting dance, in other words: what inspires you to keep on dancing? I don’t think it’s something which I will ever stop doing completely. It’s habit. I always find myself dancing. Whether its trying to perfect some intricate footwork or whether it’s two stepping to keep warm in this London cold. I’m always dancing. I’m always moving. It’s part of my identity. It’s part lf what makes me, me. If someone tried stopping me from dancing, there would be a great uproar. I break through barriers with dance. I break through in ways I can’t with spoken word poetry due to language barriers etc. Dance is universal. iMove!