Open Day Guide: University of Oxford

  • Beth Barnett

Redesign and rewrite of Oxford's Open Day Guide After five years of a similar design, Oxford were looking for a fresh design for their Open Day Guide. The guide is used across their three central undergraduate Open Days, with over 20,000 copies printed and handed out to prospective applicants and their families. With over 60 venues spread across the city, hosting 100s of events, the guide is central to the coordination of the day, ensuring that visitors can make the most of their time in the city. Necessarily text heavy, the design needed to be bold but simple, focusing on the accuracy and clarity of the information, while giving a visual taste of the diversity of life as an Oxford student.

Due to Covid-19 the Open Days were cancelled and replaced by a virtual event. The work below shows how we reacted to that, reconfiguring the physical event and its guide into a newsletter.