Open Days Posters at University of Westminster (UOW)

An exciting time for a new student that arrives at the campus having the open option to explore the beautiful subject of Graphic Design and looking through our talent and creative designers. My goal was to aim to be diverse and cultural with my project on Open day posters. I designed 6 Posters in 6 bi-lingual languages of countries colours that depict their cultural background. The language that are common at the UOW campus. I created the same typeface in all 6 posters and the same design elements in term of fonts, information, the logo of UOW and an image that show people's mouth depicting different colours background and ethnic minorities, this is to show we are all one family united together at the University of Westminster. I created a minimal app for new students that signed up to study at UOW. Using this skill I use Adobe XD along with prototypes. They can simply select their chosen language on the app and the open day poster appears on the screen for them to view on a specific time, location, and the lists of different of Art subjects at UOW.