Opto Issue 6

  • Amelia Schwanke
  • Matt Chinworth
  • Benji Roebuck
  • Simon Kuhn

GAME CHANGER The challenges and opportunities of the $138bn (and rising) gaming industry. Featuring: TREVOR NEIL—A charting master on removing oneself from trading decisions, THE BEAUTY BOOM—Why cosmetic stocks are buying disruptors and their methods, TRADING 1980s-STYLE—Linda Raschke on traders being seduced by modern convenience, MANOJ NARANG The high-frequency pioneer on his disdain for technical analysis

The gaming industry is now worth more than both the global music and film industries. But for trading success, the challenges these companies face through high levels of competition and market fragmentation must also be understood.

Words: Amelia Schwanke
Illustration: Matt Chinworth

INTERVIEW: Manoj Narang

The high frequency pioneer on his disdain for technical analysis...

Words: Tomas Jivanda
Photography: Ricky Rhodes


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