• Mariam Sholaja

Orishas explores the traditional mythological histories of the gods and goddesses in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, West Africa. The religion of the Yoruba recognises that God created the universe but entrusted the Orishas with watching over the world. Each deity embodies strength and relates to some aspect of nature and is in charge of some element of human existence. I made the mood board for this personal project almost 3/4 years ago and was finally able to bring it to life with the most talented group of creatives. Big love to the entire team for helping me bring my vision to life. Photo: Mariam Sholaja @m.sholaja Photo Assists: Alex Hundeyin @alex.rbrn Mofe Adefolaju @moffs_ Fashion Stylist: Tolu Enitan @diiamondheartt Fashion Assists: Ewaoluwa Salu @itsewa Toluwalola Adeyemi @xellcat Makeup: Sofia Paradis @sofiaparadis
 Hairstylist: Sheree-Jordan @x_sjourdan
Art Dir. & Set Design: Macy Trieu Dingle @matridi_film Talent: Abi Kasim @abi_kasim 
 Wearing @Anastasia.bull @limitee_pr @yaayaalondon @minxxette @sixtine.gaufinez @fashioncrossoverlondon @a.c.ehackney @madamsafa

Yemoja is the the goddess of the Ocean and the patron deity of pregnant women and the eternal guardian of the ancient mysteries of life itself.

Oya is the controller of powerful winds, lightning and violent storms, death and rebirth.
Aja is the patron of the forest, the animals within it and the herbal healers. She holds the secrets of botany and is a master of potions and healing herbs.
Oshun rules over the sweet waters of the world, the brooks, streams and rivers, embodying love, and fertility.