Orlebar Brown #SnapShorts App

  • Lucas Donaud
  • Christophe Brumby
  • Miles Takes
  • Yasmin Riad
  • Hugues Quesnel

"Vision Avenue demonstrated creative and technological expertise throughout the process, working collaboratively in an agile manner whilst also taking the helm when our focus was demanded elsewhere. They’re an incredibly talented team and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

Adam Brown Founder, Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown wanted to launch a brand new app that would enable fans of their classic swim shorts to design their very own. Working directly with their team, we directed this project from concept development through to final execution in the view to create an app that would wow audiences with seamless function and standout creativity.
Our response
The result was the new #Snapshorts app: an effective and compelling mobile app through which users can modify their favourite pics and preview them on their favoured style and length of classic OB shorts, consistent with the crafted and tailored approach Orlebar Brown is known for.
The result
The app received wide coverage across social media and online news sites, and surpassed the client’s expectations – so much so that they asked us to adapt it for an in-store version to be used across their stores as their flagship product.
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