Overheard Conversations, 2018

  • Kiara Callender

Overheard Conversations is an immersive installation, activated by performance. Rejecting moral absolution and intellectual grandeur, this investigative work is an inquiry into the potential for the expansion and limitation of human connection in the context of the digital age. An exploration of the themes of cyber-surveillance, self-censorship, collective consciousness and the self unfolds in a responsive audio-visual environment, in which everything said by the performer is amplified through a telephone call and transcribed. The prose is accompanied by a drone soundscape generated from the usually inaudible electromagnetic fields produced by the performer’s phone, highlighting the omnipresence of technology. Produced by O.K. Ideas Set design and build by Kiara Callender & Orla Carolin Visuals by Kiara Callender & Orla Carolin Script by Kiara Callender & Orla Carolin Live sound by Kiara Callender Ceramics by Orla Carolin Actress - Megan O'Rourke Many thanks to NeverFade London for hosting our 2 week residency.