• Luke Edge
  • Sofia von der Schulenburg
  • Brendan Cox
  • Adryan Smith
Pavilion is a home of distinction; a story of natural material and its architects, engineers, artisans, artists, and curators. A pioneering monument of contemporary design from acclaimed architect Gianni Botsford. Emphatically open-plan, the living room / kitchen / dining space is completely glass-walled to the east and west, epitomising a sense of an openness that ascends almost two stories up through the glass apex of its roof. With a shape so wonderfully organic, this roof is the stuff of utopic architecture, showing off an expert understanding of artistry and function. External landscaping is reminiscent of dreamy Japanese Zen gardens while the interiors are defined by angular precision, linear contrasts, and infinitesimally perfect joinery. The swimming pool falls into line as part of the wider recreational space at the lowest level of the house.
Separated from the den / living area by a glass wall, the brilliant stretch of water and marble has been fastidiously designed for recreational and aesthetic purposes. Wood-scented, the den is a large, peaceful room, easily adaptable to suit a multitude of needs and moods. Throughout, there’s an exemplary play between the natural world and the capabilities of cutting-edge, contemporary architecture, the rarity of which is amazing to see to such stunning capacity here in this unassuming Notting Hill garden.