• Francesca Bianca Bonfanti

Peak Outlook initiative, the company’s long-term commitment to preserve the world’s most extreme mountain environment stemming from Bally’s ties to its Alpine origins and mountain heritage. This project debuted Bally’s sponsorship of a clean-up expedition to Mount Everest, collecting two tons of waste and debris from the world’s most renowned mountain. Led by Dawa Steven Sherpa, and his team of experienced climbers, the clean-up collected a ton of waste during a first phase ascending between Base Camp and the summit. Over half of the debris was collected in the Death Zone, above 8000m where available oxygen is only a quarter of what is needed to sustain the body at sea level. Another ton was collected at Base Camp, after the last expedition teams left the mountain – the first time a clean-up had taken place at the end of the season. The initiative also engaged Jamling Tenzing Norgay, son of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who while wearing Bally boots made history in first reaching Mount Everest’s summit alongside Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.