Peer Gallery

  • Yemi Awosile
Yemi Awosile is a multi-disciplinary designer based in London whose work expresses cultural insights through textiles and printed matter. Somewhere in Between will record the process of producing a series of garments drawing on material found in the vicinity of Hoxton Street Market. Starting from the spring equinox, Awosile will share a photo journal as she explores the change of season through fashion and textiles. She will observe markers associated with entering a new season – shifts in light, smell and temperature – and these will inform her use of colour as she fabricates the clothing.
The processes she uses will be recorded in the cabinet and through a digital photo diary using #SomewhereInBetween on Instagram and Twitter. The photo diary will change every few weeks along with material swatches, textile fibres and fashion imagery found on Hoxton Street market.
The project will also feature a temporary display of Awosile’s textiles at Joy Cosmetics in Hoxton Street, a shop specialising in African textiles, jewellery and beauty products.
The commission is accompanied by a series of free events running from May to June.
4 Seasons is a new outdoor commissioning programme which explores wildlife, biodiversity and artists’ interest in nature. The programme will be a seasonally changing display in the cabinet on the side wall of the Post Office next to PEER, and a series of events.