Penguin - Michael Joseph Rebrand

  • Raafaye Ali

A project in which I utilised my illustration skills to push the mermaid design as far as I could which initially was presented as a contemporary colophon 
that celebrates the heritage of Michael Joseph. It was supporting one of the logo routes when presented to the client, surprisingly the client resonated with the mermaid and then it became centre stage. (This is where all the late nights and working over the weekend paid off, although I wish I could show the vast array of development before we landed here) I can only take part of the credit as I worked alongside Alec Mezzetti an amazing senior designer at Mother Design who took on the clients feedback and pushed it further to establish an incredible logo, layouts & art direction that you can see below. I can't thank Mother Design and Alec Mezzetti enough who let me be part of something this incredible. A massive shout out to Ben Heap/Ben Mcnaughton throwing me at various projects and giving me a chance when so few ever have. It is an incredible feeling to know this will be printed on hundred of thousands of books and that I was part of that team to make it a reality For more details please read through Alec Mezzetti interview on Its Nice That;