People, Process, Projects

  • Beth Heald
Two of my nine months working at Snøhetta was spent designing the book - People, Process, Projects. The book was released in tandem with an exhibiton of the same title. People, Process, Projects focused on opening up not just the work of Snøhetta but the way that they worked and the environment that they had created.
My role in addition to designing the book was to assist with the creation of a virtual reality element of the exhibition that allowed visitors to envision being inside the office itself.
PEOPLE, PROCESS, PROJECTS - Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen
The exhibition brought together elements of past design work with a reconstruction of the office environment complete with customer seating and ceiling installation that was never removed after an office party.
My role was to assist with the art direction and presentation of life on the long tables that form such an intergral part of Snøhetta's everyday culture.

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