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Picsolve are responsible for the cameras at amusement parks, attractions and more. Their pioneering pieces of technology capture the moments that matter the most. Picsolve had a brand overhaul which meant, pitching for new, different customer bases, int a vibrant, bold and confident aesthetic and missions that accurately align with who Picsolve are. 


One of the key points the homepage had to showcase was Picsolve's advanced technology and the introduction of  their new pieces of technology and updated products. I designed an interactive sliding tool which used animation to bring to life the features of and facts of the product. It was designed to provide bitesize pieces of information so it could be easily understood by users with both a technical and non-technical background.
The project was short run with a small amount of design and development time. I had to ensure that what I was designing was feasible and which approach would be most time effective. I decided on a flexible modular approach which would give Picsolve a collection of multi purpose elements that would allow Picsolve to showcase their content. 
Picsolve had been struggling with communication issues with current and prospective customers. Members of Picsolve would receive enquries, often irrelevant to them, from customers through channels such as LinkedIn. I wanted to create a design solution that would stop this from happening and instead easily direct users' enquiries to the right place without needing to give contact details for individual members of staff. 
To ensure their new audiences (as well as current) were being appropriately targeted and fully realise PIcsolve's new brand, I followed and stayed true to Picsolve's new branding. I used the aspirational videos and visuals provided coupled with careful and considered usage of the new palette to created impactful and bold visual blocks. 


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