Pocket Magazine Issue #001

  • Alim Lamontagne
  • Yana-Frida Binaev

www.pocketmagazine.com A pocket-sized magazine that wants to share stories that connect, move and inspire. This issue features tips, insights and interviews from young curators that are in the creative industry. www.pocketmagazine.co.uk *Editor Letter* Ite so boom! I really don’t want you to see Pocket as a traditional print publication that you may be used to. I want to shake things up a little bit and make print feel more digital. A part of it being pocket sized is because creating short-form content is at the forefront of what Pocket is about. We want to make sure what you’re reading and taking in is as easily digestible as possible, so that it works for both the intimate readers and Instagram scrollers. My aim for Pocket is to bring the young talents who often may be seen but not heard in the industry, a voice. Our first issue has focussed on sharing the stories of those who push the culture forward, to understand their thoughts, opinions and for them to share tips & guides on how they got to where they are now. We hope Pocket can push like-minded individuals like yourselves to become inspired and to encourage you to embark on your own journeys to not only make a difference to your lives but for the culture!