Pop Brixton's 3rd Birthday: The Big 3

  • Luisa Moura
  • Louie Hullett
  • Olivia Casamatta
We're turning three and you are all invited...
Get into the spirit of adventure, experience the sounds and tastes, discover secret dens, dance the night away & blow out the candles with us.
From mystic gypsy beats, latin rhythms and tropical bass, brass licks, sax riffs, rap spits, hat hits & scratch bits, let us take you back in time to the days where birthdays were the best day of the year.
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Dat Brass 10-piece brass hip-hop outfit, performing blistering originals, packed with red hot verse and anthemic horn lines
The Odd Beats Multinational gypsy, folk and psychedelia, combining Turkish folk, Balkan dance beats, and Greek Rebetiko amongst other world music flavours. Queen of hearts Dila V spreads positive vibes with her superb voice and beaming smile, while Fati Ebrem's psychedelic guitar mesmerises all who experience The Odd Beats. Their music is embellished with eastern percussion and powerful ethnic rhythms for an uplifting dance experience.
Wara Influenced by the fieriest of contemporary Havana grooves and mobilized by the dynamic sounds of London’s underground, Wara’s pan-Latin musical pioneers have crafted a hard-hitting and contagious style. Canny and astute, the blazing vocals of Juanita Euka (London Afrobeat Collective) and Fedzilla (Movimientos) bring a swagger-heavy attitude to a rich mix of dembow, Afro-Latin folklore, hip-hop and reggae
OMG Collective Ingredients: Add one part Anderson.Paak, two parts Nile Rodgers, a sprinkle of The Eagles and a dash of The Specials. Twist a zest peel of lyricism, then blend. Pour contents into a chilled glass, then garnish with humour and showmanship and voila! You have, OMG Collective.
The Kings Cross Hot Club Formed long ago in the mists of 1999, the Kings Cross Hot Club have made it this far. Our oeuvre is a veritable cacophony of Manouche swing, Parisian musette, criminally forgotten pre-war melodies, Tango, Colombian Cumbia, Fellini soundtracks and even some things what we have written ourselves. A curious collective comprising some of the most indefatigable musicians in London, we seek to bring live music back to it's raw essence - every song as though it were our last (and let's face it, we could be asked to leave the stage at any time). Come and see us - whether you are smitten, amazed or downright disgusted, you will most definitely NOT be bored.
Black Kat Boppers Hot Boppin, Groovin' 4 piece group playing rockin, roots music with a Guitar, Double Bass & stand up Drums/Percussion. Rockin' is a feelin' Hallelujah
Russ Ryan Born and raised in Bermuda on a diet of Soul and Jazz, teeth cut in Brighton on Hip Hop and Rum and now digging and spinning records from London to the World.