• Grace Davies

Project Management

Under the creative direction of Ferdinando Verderi, Prada‘s SS21 campaign builds upon the sense of intimacy initiated by earlier activations, like the post-presentation fan Q&A. The campaign also showcases the first Prada menswear garments imagined under Raf Simons’ joint tenure.

Ferdinando Verderi took an experimental approach to capturing the images, with 360-degree camera setups instead of utilizing a lone photographer. This approach mirrors Prada’s stated thesis behind the SS21 collection, exploring “the conversation between man and machine.”

Notably, Prada’s campaign also proposes some thought-provoking queries to viewers by way of bold text laid over each image. These include ponderings on the nature of ingenuity, like “Is creativity a gift or a skill?” and “How is ‘unique’ different from ‘new?’” The Italian fashion brand is open to interpretation here, inviting crowd-sourced conclusions from supporters across the globe. Answer the questions proposed for Spring/Summer 2021 on Prada’s website where you can also consider alternative questions and thought starters.

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