Side Hustle/ Writing


  • Randy Mankoto

I wrote a poem about being black in the Uk, in early may. For this poem I did some research about certain figures that influenced British culture in a huge way. I wanted to create a poem that looked back at the past, present and hopefully to a better future.


Do you know the power you have black child? You’ve been in Britain all your life now; you’ve seen yourself in the media painted in a negative light. But your ancestors are not what society deems you to be… They are people who’ve changed the scope of history.
Now we can look at the Wind Rush coming across the sea, but that wouldn’t be the full scale of your history. People that share your blood and shade have walked on the British scene. Septimius Severus a black roman emperor born in Africa but ruled Britain with power. Dido Elizabeth Belle a lady who was not born into slavery but was treated as an equal in times of hostility.
So many men and women who looked like you and me. Their impact and stories, changed the motion of British life and culture. So keep your head held high, know that you belong
all the wars that have been fought have been won, this one will too, maybe history will remember you.

Randy Mankoto.