Private Screening Experience

  • Daniel Belgium
  • Alfie Newson
  • Valentina Limsuwan
  • Rico Morris
  • Nicole Villegas Gomez
  • Jordan Peck
  • Kai tran
  • Nicholas Walker
  • Danielle Lobban
  • Goodness Duru
  • Paul Chiedozie
  • Tabitha Odutayo

Amazing turn out and we met with some crazy talented and creative individuals being able to create a platform set a vision and see people's work voice their opinion brainstorm , find a practical solution. Yesterday showed that freelance alone can only bring you so far but together and build can bring you much futher. Watch and stay tuned from what will come from this. Big my team and support system bring the vision to live @Nicole Villegas Gomez @Alfie Newson @Tina Gutic @Danielle Lobban @Tabitha Odutayo Pictures by : @Jordan Peck