Project Bloks

Project Bloks is a research project. Our aim is to create an open hardware platform to help developers, designers, and researchers build the next generation of tangible programming experiences for kids.
Kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, building stuff and doing things together. One of the benefits of tangible programming is that it makes code physical, so kids can play with it.
Ultimately, our goal is to enable kids to develop computational thinking (a set of foundational problem-solving skills) from a young age through coding experiences that are playful, tactile, and collaborative.
Creating an open platform for designers, developers and researchers will remove the technical barriers that get in their way: so they can focus on innovating, experimenting, and creating new ways to help kids develop computational thinking.
The project is inspired by previous academic work in the field and is still in active research.
For more in-depth information, read the Research section.
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