Protein Block Party

  • Oli Cole
  • Jim Townsend
Protein Block Party is an annual celebration of our local community that brings together the best food, music, drink and creative shenanigans in Shoreditch with all profits going to Amnesty International, our next-door neighbours. The street party spills out from Protein HQ, with New Inn Yard hosting a raft of local makers and shakers including Dj’s, street food, cocktails, zine-making workshops, ping pong, screen printing, disco yoga and totem poles.
We created a bright and lively identity for the 2017 event using a system of colourful blocks that move into different formations. The identity runs as fly posters, web flyers, giant street banners, wall projections and on social channels. We also collaborated with Cowling & Wilcox and Posca Pens to create ‘Muriel’s Mural’ a 4 metre wall mural aiming to engage the community in a fun collaborative artwork.

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