#protestbydesign: ITS OUR TIME BRIEF

  • Clara Finnigan
  • Alex Kazem Malaki
  • Ben Mottershead
  • Charlotte Simpson

We’ve got two new briefs for you Gluggers. We’re so proud of all of you and the success of #protestbydesign, we got seen and heard and raised the profile of the climate crisis and the climate strikes, now is the time to use that momentum to help enact real change! This is about climate & encouraging people to register to vote!


The climate needs us, the time of the snowflake has come! We want to be heard. Create, share & Submit your artwork to our database. We’ll get it in front of the media and press, to show the voice of the creative industry.
You can check out the current database of entries here!
All poster in the database will be added to the Tate modern permanent archive & will have the chance to be shown on Clear Channels digital billboards up and down the country, before the end of registration and before the election.

We’ll also be exhibiting the work in London and other Glug chapter events around the UK.


There are 14.6 million 18-34 yr olds in the UK. 4.79 million are unregistered. 60% of those are climate concerned. We need your help to turn this concern into action!


Create an A3 sized poster, either for registration, or for voting. Whichever brief you decide to undertake make sure to create compelling visual posters that will get climate concerned young people to register and to vote!
  1. Register - The climate crisis has finally registered, so should we. We’ve got until the 26th to target the 4.79million unregistered. Create visual material that targets the disenfranchised, the unspoken too, your vote counts and you need to use it. Register for the planet.
  2. Vote - This brief is to target everyone registered to vote, we need to get people to realise the value of their votes, that voting for the climate is an option. Some things are even bigger than BREXIT, the climate won't get another chance. (This second brief is not part of Its OurTime).
You can create designs for either of the above, or both and as many times as you like. There is no limit!


Create your A3 poster in any way you’d like, it can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.
  • Then send it to Submissions@glugevents.com. Name it with your details (Name_country_@socialhandle)
  • Share it on social. Tag us and use the hashtags below
  • Spread the word, the more people involved the better, that’s the strength, the deadline for the briefs are:
- Registration Brief: 26th November - Get Out & Vote Brief: 12th December


There’s going to be a lot of communication and even more political Brexit fog coming up in the next month, but we must be heard above all else, the climate crisis is urgent, we will flood the airwaves and champion mother nature.

Use these hashtags for optimal value: #itsourtime #protestbydesign #voteleaves #rizeup #climatecrisis #ukscn

This is a creative brief/challenge & is open to creative people globally. Get your pens, scissors and memes out. We want to see what you’ve got. Send it to your friend, family & colleagues and get them activated in the change. CEO’s, Creative Directors, Team leaders & influencers spread the word, we need your teams & followers, help us get behind change.


  • Content is submitted at the owner's free will and by submitting you are allowing your work to be freely used, shared printed reproduced for the purpose the campaign
  • The campaign is not-for-profit and no designs will be sold, reproduced, or distributed for monetary advancement, or gain from any organising parties involved.
  • You allow for your work to be used for the purpose of PR and marketing about the campaign.
  • You retain all intellectual property rights to the image.
  • Any third party imagery which appears within your design must be licensed, or royalty-free. Glug Events voids all responsibility for any design, or imagery that does not follow this criterion.
  • Glug does not specifically endorse any theme, political view or content which appears in the submitted content, or by affiliated partners and will act as a neutral party during the campaign.
  • Glug does not condone the use of sexual or profane imagery/language. While these themes are not forbidden Glug Events retains the right to remove any content which is deemed to be overtly prejudicial, graphic, or bigoted.
  • Any person/s found to be in breach of IP (Intellectual Property), or copyright by using submitted designs for the purpose of monetary gain will be reported.