• Gemma Lawrence
Upon the coming of the New Year, I decided it was time I tried to create something that would embody my adoration for two things; arts and crafts, and the imagery and vibe of the 1970s. Inspired by an previous magazine named 'Crafty' I wanted to provide unique and exciting crafts, all under the general umbrella of a total 70s saturation and theme. I had also discovered an incredible company, Revolog, who maniuplate films and contacted them to feature them in the magazine, of which they loved the idea of, and actually sponsored sending out 5 rolls of film for me to test out for the magazine feature. It took a few months of research, trial and error, emailing and Adobe Illustrator until I had hand-collaged a ful 24 page A5 zine which I sent off to be risograph printed at Dopple Press. By this point I had contacted numerous magazine and bookshops globally and some had replied, allowing me to sell my zine currently in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Stockholm and Phoenix, AZ. Once printed, I hand-bound my zines, packaged them all up and sent them off. There were 50 limited prints.

It was a great achievement for me and to know the finished product out in the world is incredibly wholesome to me. I learnt a lot about self-publishing and the world of magazines as well as wholesale, consignment and networking with publishers and shop owners. But most importantly of all, I had so much fun creating the zine and adore the final product. My main wish is that others do too!