Puma - We are the Arsenal

  • James Worsley
  • Horia Ionescu

Direction. This film marks the release of the Arsenal F.C. 2018/19 Kit (Home, Away and Third). In a moment of global division, football can connect people – suddenly we are wearing the same club Jersey, we have something in common, we’re together for the same club. London is arguably the most multicultural city in the world – 300+ languages are estimated to be spoken in its schools. With that in mind we created a campaign which showcases the diversity of the Arsenal fan base by simply using the phrase “I AM THE ARSENAL” in several of the languages spoken by the fans. “We shot the film using 5 different types of cameras. Alexa Mini and RED Helium using Anamorphic lenses, 16mm film, 8mm film and an old Hi8 handy-cam. Our aim was to bring into the film the multi capture world we live in today. We are bombarded by images nowadays, each being captured by a different device, with a different filter on and this creates a collage type of aesthetic that we find incredibly interesting and is so telling of our times. This aesthetic also brings a self generated feel, a raw energy where the audience doesn’t know what to expect from the next shot". – Directors Pedro & James


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