Rad Rides: The Best BMX Bikes of All Time

  • Gavin Lucas
When I scoured eBay to find all the bits I needed to build my dream BMX bike (a 1985 Street Beat) back in 2004, I soon found out that loads of people I know also harboured a love of BMX bikes. It took a few years to get the idea off the ground, but together with co-authors Nathan Gale of Intercity and Stuart Robinson, we put together this book (published by Laurence King, 2012) – the first to chart the evolution of BMX by focusing on the bikes that have shaped the sport since its birth on Californian dirt tracks in the late 1960s through to its status as an Olympic sport.
Rad Rides features more than 100 bikes drawn from the best collections in the world – our pick of the world's greatest BMX bikes of all time (many of them photographed exclusively for the book) from factory built classics like the PK Ripper, GT Pro Performer, Hoffman Condor and the S&M Sabbath, to custom built bikes including Ken Spaulding’s Terrible One SFA and Woody Itson’s legendary gold Hutch Trick Star. Yes, that’s right: there is a golden BMX bike of legend!


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