Re-Invent the Wheel

  • Erica Goodwin

Shine with Amy is an upbeat safe haven offering resources , support and online education for woman seeking wellness/mindset shifts. My brief was to collate all existing branding, website and blogs from multiple platforms and social sites. Transform and transfer, update branding and redesign the user experience to cohesively align with the overall identity. Establish and execute an edgy point of difference to attract the target market whilst at all times upholding a soft feminine journey that is without judgement, and at all times transparent and welcoming. A call to action, that is trusted from the get go. Presentation and actions that resonate simplicity, safety and trust whilst still enticing conversion without hesitation. Understanding and maintaining client goals was paramount to developing an emotional buy in suggestive of no hidden agenda. The feel of the brand is that of compassion, friendships, safety and a community with longevity. Existing online material such as blog posts, affiliate networks and loyalty paired with interactive social interfaces and creative marketing, executed with subtle precision resulting in the final design and seamless re-launch of