Regenerative Grazing

  • Vickie Ward

Zero fossil fuel garden lawn mowing

We planned to graze our field using a holistic, regenerative grazing plan. The idea is to regenerate your soil by dividing your land into small grazing areas. The animals graze less selectively and their manure is distributed evenly. After 2 – 3 days, you move them to the next area.
When the sheep arrived in Summer 2021, our front lawn was about knee high. It was going to be tough to mow.

But we worked out that the area of our front garden plus the paddock next to it was our perfect target size for holistic grazing. Plus the idea of reducing our carbon footprint by putting no petrol in the mower was VERY attractive!
This was the first move forward! Perfect height of grass they're leaving behind!
We may have surprised the bin collection team and the delivery drivers a bit!
Now it's Winter, January 2022 and they're back in our garden, doing the same. Great view from the kitchen windows!
The sheep, a local heritage breed called the Devon Closewool (suited to this landscape) do a great job! No fossil fuels for our lawn mowing ever again!