• Juliana Miguéis

REMOVEMENT is a progressive movement that aims to lobby governments and make the public aware of the worldwide ecological footprint of the fashion industry.

The main aim of the project is to provoke a change in legal policy to make information behind all fashion
products transparent, to lessen the gap of information between consumer and producer of
fashion merchandise.
The Label design at the centre of the project consists of an infographic that represents the
globe and forms a graphic representation of the malpractices in the fashion industry across
the world. This prototype design is a unique system of information that will let people know
all the harmful elements used in the production and delivery of each garment.
An interactive component of the project engages consumers into a team, through the use of
stencil flyers on a label format, to distribute the message that sustainable products and
responsible fashion industry are essential needs for our fragile ecology.
Concept Creation