Respect the Water

It’s a terrible statistic but men aged 16-39 make up 80 per cent of the total fatalities in British waters, so a focussed approach was needed to hit this target audiences and reduce the loss of life at sea. Working on behalf of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Drum knew that The LAD Bible, which reaches over half of all UK men aged 18-24, would be the perfect partner to create a campaign that was serious but culturally relatable to this audience. The 'Respect The Water’ campaign featured an eclectic mix of emotional and personally relevant stories across its social and digital channels. The short videos told three real stories that reinforced the Respect The Water message, mixing hard-hitting and authentic stories of peril on the sea, with genuine images and videos of those lads involved, along with other water-themed editorial to provide more engagement.
The first film in the campaign achieved over two million views on The LAD Bible’s Facebook page, making it the most successful piece of branded editorial content in The LAD Bible’s history. The third film also hit home as The LAD Bible’s most successful branded content article ever.


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