Return Of Original Dodger

The begining of summer 2017 marked the return and signing of Original Dodger originaly known in the hieght of the UK garage era in the 90's as Artful Doder.
With the return and signing came new music, however we didn't want to tease out the music in the traditional way that the industry usually does such as using small audio clips with static images uploaded natively to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We wanted to do somthing that really resonated with the demographic that surrounds Original Dodger while also creating an oppotunity to build a database of dedicated fans who are exited by the return.
With this we created and mobilised fans to a sign up splash page which encorporated what looked like a Nokia 3210 as this was mostly the phone of choice around the UK garage and 2 step era. In return of fans signing up we then used the data to auto send the fans audio clips of the debut single that was to be released. Moving forward from the debut release we now populate the splash page with the latest single so fans signing up can get a glimpse into the latest track thats to be released.

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Piers Haynes

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