• James Carter
  • Curtis Free

A dynamic identity that tells the story of finding a happy home in a seamless fashion across all channels.

Inspired by the well-known proverb ‘home is where the heart is’, we took the original logo and evolved it for a new era. We injected human warmth and charm into the existing brand to ensure continued success.
Images shown are The Team’s design concepts.
An evolving logo
Inspired by the simple human truth that ‘home is where the heart is’, we evolved the logo for the digital world, knowing that a logo can help tell a story.
Emotional connections
In today’s society, a successful brand must be built on human emotions. By injecting warmth, we’ve helped Rightmove stand out within their market.
Human warmth
Our home is central to our happiness; it should be filled with meaningful moments and happy memories. With a new tone of voice, expressive doodles, colour palette, font and photography, the brand has become inspiring, empowering and charming
A seamless experience
We’ve created a coherent and seamless cross-channel experience that is beautifully designed, brilliantly connected and able to engage.