Romas: how to destroy a community

  • Giulia Paratelli

This is a project about the Roma community in North Italy. It started in March 2019 to show the everyday life of children and teenagers living a “double life” between school, friends and the life in the camp. Especially teenagers tend to keep hidden the life in the camp and their origins to friends because of the fear of the judgment. Then, local election changed everything. The extreme right party won the election and the Roma community has been the first one to be attacked. In one morning the gipsy camp has been destroyed using caterpillars and the community has been divided. They had no time to take their goods and no chance to ask for a refund for what has been crushed by caterpillars. The families have been moved to council houses, most of them are garages or old shops transformed into flats adding a bathroom and some radiators. Only one family has saved its caravan.