We created a new brand identity and campaign for RTÉ2 in Ireland.


RTÉ2 (previously RTÉ TWO) is Ireland’s youth-focused public service channel. RTÉ wanted to re-position the channel to create a clear connection with the audience and deliver this through new programming and a new brand identity and campaign.


In an increasingly cluttered TV landscape, we needed to create a brand with a strong emotional connection for this programme-loyal (but not channel-loyal) 15-35 age group. Red Bee created a new brand proposition – “tells it like it is” – to establish the channel as the home of frank, funny and fascinating content.


To tell it like it is, we need to inhabit the world of the audience, talking their language. So we created a ‘real world dashboard’ and, for our idents, sent a small team to capture the lives of real Irish youth, in their element, going about their daily lives. We then mixed and mashed video, photos, comments and gifs to populate our dashboard. We commissioned new music to act as a sound track to their world.


Our successful collaboration meant that Red Bee was called on again to develop the creative idea for the launch campaign. So we developed the campaign thought: We Go There. We created the TV launch promo to showcase the channel’s raft of new programming for the autumn as well as the off-air campaign for flagship programme, Damo & Ivor.

“We first approached Red Bee to help with some strategic work for RTÉ2 because of their broadcast industry knowledge and experience. We were all very impressed with the high calibre of their work and were very excited by the new strategic expression of our brand. They followed that up with some really strong, pitch-winning creative work that demonstrates real audience insight and has the whole team here excited. That goes for our launch campaign idea too, which the Red Bee team has also delivered. Overall, we really enjoyed working with the team in London - they are a truly collaborative agency with a huge amount of talent, energy and expertise.”

Donna Byrne, Creative Director, RTÉ