Sage Advice: global blog strategy for cloud accounting software

  • Lauren McMenemy
  • Eve Monaghan

There were more than 30 Sage blogs all around the world, each competing with each other and hurting SEO. As part of a wider digital transformation project, they needed to bring everything under one global blog strategy.

What I did
First and foremost, I pulled the threads together. I spoke with the content, social, SEO and digital teams to find out what was going on and how things were progressing, and then consolidated that into one overarching process. I developed content themes and showed how they applied to the target audiences. I worked with the SEO team to develop a taxonomy for the blog that would pick up on the right keywords. I then developed an architecture for the blog, and worked with the agency to build and launch the first blog - the one that would set the scene for other countries to follow - within just six weeks.

To feed the beast, I developed editorial processes and built an internal newsroom, guiding them in gathering the important people together to ensure all areas of the business were informed and informing content production. I then handed it over to the internal teams to continue. Sage Advice is now an award-winning blog that is in more than a dozen countries, and continuing to roll out around the world.

The results
“While many who have worked with Lauren have raved about her writing and voice (which is superb!), I was thrilled to have in Lauren a true strategic content leader. When you work with Lauren you get the total package – a fantastic writer and editorialist and a keen strategist with an awesome head for what the audience wants and needs to read.”
Melissa Romo, Senior Director, Global Social Media & Content, Sage