Saints & Stars

  • Graham Sturt

For the past decade Basic-Fit has been successfully building its accessible gym network. Today, there are more than 560 Basic-Fit gyms across Europe. To diversify they decided to create an urban boutique format. Not just another average gym, but an ultra-premium fitness experience with upscale amenities and hyper-personalised training. And they wanted to unveil it in their home country the Netherlands, arguably the most difficult market for luxury ‘anything’ on the planet. It was on us to create the name, brand identity, tone of voice and launch campaign for this unique venture. Saints & Stars is an irreverent wink towards the (near) religious devotion many 
urban professionals have for fitness, and the star status of contemporary trainers. Motivation through numbers, individual improvement through collaboration. 
We created a provocative manifesto and tone of voice, and unveiled these 
throughout the gym’s physical and digital platforms. With more than 2,500 memberships registered by opening day Saints & Stars now successfully operates two next level gyms in Amsterdam. It’s most recent opening, 
in the cities old south neighbourhood, is located appropriately in a converted church.