Salon de la Data — All About Data

  • Solène Constant

If data is in a cloud, how to reach it? And how do companies use it as an innovation shift? 2019 Freelance — Nantes, France Branding / Art Direction / Campaign Design Typography by Hélène Marian Srodogora for The Salon de la Data is an event entirely free and organised by volunteers. It aims to popularise the use of data and free initiatives, like reference biodiversity, promote journalism, or increase public education. Thanks to the experts and their experience, the event rapidly grew and made its mark on the national level. Solène worked closely with the organisers to ensure the event inspiration, spirit of sharing and the will to network was rightfully translated into the brand. She established an annual strategy, on one side she created the whole guidelines and different collateral to communicate to the sponsors and speakers. On the other, a BtoB campaign to raise awareness amongst the curious and the workforce. The result : the graphic look and feel plays with classic shapes to better empower its codes.