SAMUEL NICHØLAS - Introducing Scandi minimalism to LDN

  • Joey Lee

After several trips to Copenhagen and Stockholm, brothers Samuel and Nicholas were hooked on the cool ooze of minimal Scandi style. They wanted to bring a slice of this back home to LDN, with the aim of introducing Scandinavian inspired effortlessness to London city-living lifestyles. Meticulous product research and development led the brothers to drop their first collection of lightweight half-placket linen shirts, and in 2019 menswear brand SAMUEL NICHØLAS was launched. Through product naming, I established a verbal identity that introduced Scandinavian elements to intrigue an English audience.

I identified product names as a crucial point to introduce Scandi sensibilities to a foreign audiences. I named three hero products from SAMUEL NICHØLAS original collection after renowned mid-century Scandinavian designers and creatives. This enabled SAMUEL NICHØLAS’ Scandinavian inspiration and design influence, as well as photoshoot furniture styling, to be stitched into the language of the brand and its products.
Compounding naming, product descriptions for the e-comm site and webstore copy, I also produced copy for a printed lookbook. This editorial piece highlighted key product features as well as communicating SAMUEL NICHØLAS’ brand narrative to potential stockists of the label.