SAS - the Cube

  • Alexandra Jakobsen

the 10 cm3 cube is a brand-new buy-on-board concept from SAS Scandinavian Airlines, designed & conceptualized by Designit. The inspiration of the cube comes from Scandinavian design simplicity, heritage and nature, with illustrations inspired by Scandinavian scenery. The exterior of the Cube is a soothing white, with calming graphic illustrations that reflect the Norwegian mountains, the Danish coast and the Swedish forests. When you lift the lid, the Scandinavian theme continues to unfold. Self-contained layers are revealed: the first thing you see is menu card, then the cutlery, which is embedded in the lid, then the condiments. The separately packed condiments give the passenger the freedom to even customize their meal. With its 10 cm3 ergonomic design, the cube allows for very easy handling and leaves ample room for passengers to continue to work, read or watch a movie during a flight. In keeping with the New Nordic movement, a focus on high-quality, healthy locally sourced ingredients, New Nordic by SAS raises taste experiences onboard the airline to new heights with Scandinavian specialities with a twist. The environmental impact of the cube was optimized by the use of post-consumer recycled and lightweight plastics whilst the use of FSC certified cardboard contributes to sustainable forestry. "Airline meals have remained largely unchanged for decades. The new packaging for the on-board meals served on flights of the Scandinavian airline SAS represents a quantum leap in this domain." - Gold German Design Awards 2019 [Co-created by SAS & Designit - Gustav Mood, Philiip Normand Andersen, Carsten Henriksen, Mike Collinge, Sebastian Campion, Frida Setterberg, Alexandra Bak Jakobsen & Gustaf Öholm]