Save the Black Cab

  • Sophie Draper

Brief Black Cabs are a dying industry, so re-invent the Black Cab using technology. Insight I asked myself and others, what are Black Cabs good at? Knowledge, however this wasn’t seen as relevant especially to young people with the arrival of GPS and Uber. I also discovered during a 3 hour meet-up with a group of Black Cabbies that human interaction and conversation (hence why I was chatting with them for 3 hours!) is very important, so this friendly, human aspect needed to be incorporated. Direction I created a city guide app, Secret Ldn for tourists and Londoners who want alternative things to do in London, based on the expert knowledge of London that black cab drivers have. I adapted Black Cab drivers ‘under the skin’ knowledge to make it relevant to young people in particular and created a big social side to the app as it encourages people to get people out, socialise and go to new places.