Scent Constellation

  • Jason Bruges
Scent Constellation, a permanent installation at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, is a dynamic, spatial, multi sensorial art piece that simultaneously represents the perfumer’s organ and visualises the process of creating a scent. 
Five perfume typologies are characterised; Eau de Cologne, Oriental, Fougères, Floral, and Chypre, each type is interpreted by a moving constellation of light in a mesmerising cloud between the prismatic nodes. The formulaic relationship between the perfumer’s assistant, the perfumer and up to 200 raw ingredients are represented by a web of crisp lines of light and a corresponding soundscape. The generative light and sound symphony creates a poetic visual metaphor for the process of imagining new perfumes.
An algorithm generates a network of traced lines of light, which scribe via prisms to create crystalline-like facets, that represent the mathematical relationships between the ingredients. The soundscape is created from a library of sounds developed in response to the scent families, and representative of the stability and duration of the raw materials as they are mixed for the final perfume composition.


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    Le Grand Musée du Parfum