School of Integration

  • Chris Margerison
  • Jamie-leigh Hargreaves

Identity design for political artist Tania Bruguera’s new artwork ‘School of Integration’ ”Tania Bruguera’s powerful, provocative and inspiring new work draws us nearer to those who’ve made this city their home, inviting us to discover and embrace the diversity in our midst. The school will offer over 80 classes on a wide-ranging curriculum that includes food, customs, ethics, politics and many other forms of knowledge – classes given by local people originally from countries around the world, from Zimbabwe to Tibet” The concept came from speaking with the artist about using the Union Flag in an inclusive and non-divisive or offensive way. The idea of the piece isn’t overtly political or isn’t anti-British, it’s inclusive. The colourful and flexible flag pattern was used across digital platforms and printed collateral including large scale banners outside the Manchester Art Gallery and fly posters across the city to promote the event and to create an eye catching identity